Teaneck Community Charter School Visits Sandy Hook

On May 2nd, the 3rd graders from Teaneck Community Charter School (T.C.C.S.) went on a field trip to Sandy Hook. The students were able to study the ocean’s ecosystem and its organisms, in conjunction with a unit called “Living Organisms.” In addition, the students learned about the different plant and animal life in the area.


T.C.C.S. focuses on experiential, or “hands on,” learning. Students were able to collect shells from the beach. Later, the class found out about different types of shells and the organisms who call them home. They also learned about the types of grass on the beach, and the role it plays in conserving the beach. After lunch, students went to the other side of Sandy Hook to do some fishing. They went in groups of four into the water to go seining. It was an action packed day, and everyone had a lot of fun!


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