Spring Royalty Welcome Summer to New Bridge Landing

The annual Pinkster Fest at New Bridge Landing welcomed the return of summer

This weekend, New Bridge Landing became a celebration point for the May Queen and King during the annual Pinkster festival to welcome the return of summer. Pinkster is the Dutch name for Whitsunday or Pentecost, when a flower-crowned May Queen and King led merry-makers from door-to-door, gathering dyed eggs, butter, bread, cream, coffee, sugar, and tallow candles in baskets for a festive supper and dance.

This year’s celebrate features country-dances in honor of the May Queen with Ridley and Anne Enslow on fiddle and hammered dulcimer; a reading of the Pinkster Ode (Extracts from Ode, Composed on a May Morning by William Wordsworth, May 1826); cooking demonstrations of Dutch donuts or “oliebollen” and the obligatory dance around the Maypole.


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