TLC Looking for NJ Families for Home Decor Reality Show

The network is looking for applicants with unique homes, and/or a passion for Halloween decorating

The following is a letter to the editor. According to Gather.com, a woman from Wyckoff won an episode of the show that aired over the summer.

Hello Editor,

I am an associate casting producer located in Los Angeles currently working on the second season of a TLC Network show concerning homeowners and their relationship to their homes through design. We're looking for passionate homeowners who really believe their homes speak volume in style, design, and/or creativity.

The show, Four Houses, from the producers of Four Weddings, takes 4 passionate homeowners and allows them to show off their homes (architecture, design, and decor) to one another. Each participant will then give their input on one another's homes with the opportunity to win $10,000 (which can go back into their homes or to charity) and a chance to have their homes in a prominent Home and Garden magazine (last season's magazine was Better Homes and Gardens). 

We are currently looking for homes throughout the country but are aiming to shoot the first 4 episodes within the tristate area. Being a Jersey native, I'd love to bring the crew there! We want unique homes, creative homes, beautiful homes, and homes with lots of passion and character! We are also looking to shoot a Halloween Episode, where we group homeowners with a strong passion for halloween decor. 

Anyone interested can contact me for an application at tam.ktn@gmail.com as casting ends October 12th. 


Tam Nguyen

Associate Casting Producer

Pitman Casting


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