Queen Anne Road Yogurt Shop Attracts Regional Crowd

Owner cites Teaneck as "mecca" of eateries.

Maybe what the Teaneck area didn’t need was an ice cream place. From to long-time favorite 's, there's competition in the frozen treat market.

But healthy, frozen yogurt? Now there's something a bit different. And with the hot weather here, there's a new spot that's bound to be very popular and healthy.

“Dreamy Dark Chocolate is very popular,” says Andy Rudin, manager of BumbleBerry Frozen Yogurt on Queen Anne Road. “Kids go for the Cookies and Cream and the peanut butter.”

Customers have come from all around North Jersey since BumbleBerry’s December opening. “It’s slowly picking up,” says Rudin. "We even had a customer from West Orange. He heard about us from someone, and drove here."

Nat Rubin is the BumbleBerry owner. “Teaneck was our first choice in the east coast market as it is pretty much a mecca of eateries. There is a large amount of families and, of course, children. We are happy with our Teaneck location and the people of Teaneck are thrilled that we chose their town.”

“If all goes as planned, we will open additional East Coast locations,” Nat says.

Rubin, a commercial mortgage broker by trade, saw a trend starting out in the West Coast, and “as I lived in New York for a number of years before I moved back to Los Angeles, I knew the concept would work in the east coast.”

The concept? “Generally low fat yogurt,” says Rudin. And Rubin elaborates. “Frozen yogurt is a healthier treat than ice cream. We use real yogurt that has extra beneficial health benefits. Our product, we believe tastes amazing, and our customers tell us it tastes better than ice cream!”

Yes, the product is unique, and so is the true BumbleBerry experience. The location is a 100% self-serve layout, where customers can select from 10 different low fat and nonfat flavors of frozen yogurt that are rotated weekly, and can opt for a 12 or 16 ounce cup size, the weight of which is subtracted at checkout.  There are also forty different toppings to choose from, including fresh fruit, M&Ms, cookie dough, Gummy Bears, nuts, vanilla and chocolate chips, sprinkles, Ghirardelli syrups, Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals and much more. “It makes,” says Rubin, “more sense for the consumer as well as easier, and of course it is a lot of FUN! The name (BumbleBerry) is a fun name that we believe will catch on.”

And, per Rubin, the BumbleBerry price of .45 per ounce is the lowest in the area.

BumbleBerry Frozen Yogurt, 1445 Queen Anne Road, (201) 357-4220, Sunday - Thursday 11 am - 10 pm, Friday 11 am - 4 pm, Saturday Night Open Late


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