Bergen Grassroots Endorses Candidates, Backs Minimum Wage Increase

Teaneck group backs two candidates seeking freeholder seats

Maura DeNicola (left) and Lorraine Waldes / Submitted photo
Maura DeNicola (left) and Lorraine Waldes / Submitted photo

Teaneck-based citizen activist group Bergen Grassroots has endorsed two of the six candidates vying for the county freeholder board and announced its support for increasing the state’s minimum wage.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the group said it would back incumbent Republican Freeholder Maura DeNicola and Democratic candidate Lorraine Waldes.

“Since joining the Freeholder Board, Maura DeNicola has consistently fought and voted for county legislation that will help ensure political contributions play no role in the selection of public contractors in Bergen County and for more open Board discussion of how those county rules are decided,” the group’s steering committee said in the statement. “She was singular in her support of those positions in 2013, clearly distinguishing herself from the positions of her Republican running mates in this election.”

Bergen Grassroots has campaigned for stronger pay-to-play rules, the statement noted.

In endorsing Waldes, the group said she expressed support for strengthening the “weakened pay-to-pay ordinance” passed by freeholders in spring 2013.

“We believe that as a local school board president, she would bring not only important experience but a fresh and new perspective to what will continue to be the Democratic majority that will, after November 5, control the Freeholder Board in any event,” the group said, pointing to her experience on the River Vale Board of Education.

Bergen Grassroots also announced its support for increasing the state’s minimum wage by $1 to $8.25 and linking future increases cost of living index, a question that will appear on the November ballot.
Legal Notice October 30, 2013 at 08:23 AM
This is the kiss of death for any Republican to be endorsed by this George Soros group. Just ask the last candidates they endorsed
Tom Abbott October 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Legal Notice's claim that this is a George Soros group is purely his own fantasy.
Tom Abbott November 01, 2013 at 04:24 PM
As for Bergen Grassroots' endorsements, I agree with their endorsement of Waldes and the vote to increase the minimum wage. However, I will not be voting for Maura DeNicola. I can understand their endorsement as for so long their primary issue has been pay-to-play reform, but it is not the only issue. When Donovan and the Republicans including DeNicola gained control in 2011, they cut $5,000,000 from the Bergen Community College Budget and another $1,000,000 from the Technical School District. There were also significant cuts to the budget of the Board of Social Services. As seems typical of Republicans at all levels of government, budget balancing is done at the expense of education and those who can afford it least.


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