Resident Praised for Hackensack River Rescue

Quick action by Teaneck man credited with saving woman.

The Teaneck man to rescue an 82-year-old woman from her sinking car was honored for his heroics Tuesday by the town council. 

John Goez, 40, was working at Spotless Auto Laundries in Hackensack when he saw the woman's car plunge into the river after going through the wash. Goez and a customer, , jumped into action and pulled the woman to safety. 

"When the car went into the river I thought about my mother…and I told myself how can she get out of there," Goez said. 

Deputy Mayor Adam Gussen presented Goez with a certificate of recognition from the council. 

"From everyone in Teaneck, I can't tell you how proud we are to have you as one of our fellow residents," the deputy mayor told Goez. 

Goez and Orsino managed to pull Moore out of the car through a window minutes before it became almost fully submerged.  

The woman, identified as River Edge resident Elizabeth Moore, was treated at an area hospital for minor injuries after the accident, Hackensack authorities said. 

Hackensack firefighters launched a boat to search for others in the car and used a heavy-duty tow truck to hoist the vehicle to shore. 


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KlmrTeaneck August 15, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I think it would have been a lovely token of appreciation if some of the town's merchants had given this true hero some gift certificates to their businesses. I know that good deeds are their own reward, but at a time when sports figures are mistakenly called "heroes", it's wonderful to see a REAL hero in action. I'm not sure if Mr. Goez's mother is still with us but, whether or not, I'm sure she is rightfully proud of the man that he became. Congratulations, Mr. Goez, on being such a caring individual.
Diane Schwarz August 15, 2012 at 05:39 PM
AND courageous! Jumping into a flowing river, pulling someone out of a car & then swimming to shore without drowning the saver AND the savee! Once upon a time I passed the Red Cross Lifesaver's course & it was pretty rough to JUST pull a person to shore! Thanks to a wonderful Teaneck citizen! Is he an alumnai of the Teaneck school system?


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