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Our Town:  Rumors, Questions,

So – Louie’s is closed – fact.  The movie theater is gone forever – fiction
(in spite of a Wall Street Journal article that presents it as fact, and the comments of the former theater manager in the Record).  Actually, Dennis Gralla, a Teaneck “boy” andconsultant to the landlord, reports that there is an all-out effort to bring in a good, long-term tenant, and a commitment on the part of Cedar Lane Teaneck,Corp. to work with a management company on renovating and re-opening the theater as soon as possible.  Watch for developments, and don’t believe everything you hear or read unless it comes from the horse’s mouth (the horse in this case is Dennis).

Fact – or fiction?  We are going to have a drive-in Walgreen’s on the sites that are now the closed Louie’s, Larry’s Sunoco, and the store next to Louie’s.  Who knows?  Supposedly, this is moving fast, and will be in front of the Board of
Adjustment within weeks, where, according to sources, it will die for lack of
variances.  (Although, as we know, we now have a very successful Dunkin’ Donuts drive-in. Hooray for the success; boo for the traffic nightmare that it has
created.)  Bottom line here – if you’re not thrilled about a third pharmacy within a one-block area, and a drive-in one at that, watch for notices of meetings, and make your voice heard.

Rumor has it that CVS right across the street, known as the most successful in Bergen County, will close.  Supposedly, CVS is losing its lease, as is that whole section of stores, and a medical building is going to be there.  According to a source (CVS real estate VP, this is NOT true; CVS is not leaving, he promises. . .

Fact – or fiction: Cedar Lane is dying; everyone’s favorite stores have disappeared, or are disappearing.  True – the yogurt place is closing, but think of what an ideal location that could be when the theater reopens (I am accepting a reopening as fact).  Blast is gone, Davis Toys – long gone; as are Farellina, Animations, Mellone’s (if we’re going way back), the Garment Centre. . . the list goes on.  Bottom line here?  Just one person’s opinion:  stop whining about the way it was, and support what IS:  some fine restaurants and fast food places, and some unique stores that offer hometown customer service.  Check them all on a somewhat outdated list, at http://www.cedarlane.net/?x=a2z.  Fact or fiction:  there is not enough parking.  Puh-leeze; if one can walk a mile from one’s
car at Garden State Plaza, one can go from a parking space in one of several
municipal lots and walk to Cedar Lane.

Time for suggestions. . . Want this town to return to the good old days?  Support the things that bring us together!  Make a contribution to the Teaneck Chorus, bring the kids to see the wonderful Teen Idol contest at Teaneck High School, check out the Bergen Philharmonic calendar, stay up to date with plans for the eighth Teaneck International Film Festival (www.teaneckfilmfestival.org),
find out what the Community Education Center is offering in the Spring, take
the family to the recently opened World of Wings, spend an evening at the
Puffin.  Forget the good old days; let’s get behind what we have now – businesses, culture, restaurants, organizations – and let’s work together for a fabulous future.

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Judy Distler December 28, 2012 at 01:51 PM
I don't know, Art, that there are so many people that we need wider sidewalks. . . and I think that more stores and restaurants would mean more than cleaner streets and better signs (although that certainly couldn't hurt). Let's wait and see if something comes up for the theater - a long-term tenant who knows what the movie business is about would be a better option than our fundraising and running it ourselves. I have faith that it will happen, and I hope that all those who are concerned and offering to help will come out and support the cinema when it does.
Michele Acquaviva Rookwood December 28, 2012 at 05:34 PM
As a resident of Teaneck with a small child, I frequent Englewood for the following things which they have several to choose from. Play spaces and arts & crafts for kids.(Kidville, Art, One River School of Art to name a few) I see they know have a new ceramic place opening up (can't wait). I also go to the library in Englewood they have several kid friendly events and crafts the atmosphere is warm an inviting. While I am there I have several eatery choices and can browse in a variety of stores. I can also buy children's shoes & accessories to name a few items. You need a variety of stores to keep the foot traffic flowing in Teaneck. I hope the theater will be bought and updated and hold daytime showings for children.
Robert L. Friedman December 28, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Are you related to Hilary Distler? THS62
Steven Gilbert December 28, 2012 at 08:40 PM
What's the matter don't kosher restaurants, or maybe Orthodox Jews. Might there be just a hint of bigotry in your innocuous musing?
JAD December 29, 2012 at 12:23 AM
I couldn't agree with you more. Cedar lane lacks shops that appeal to the masses. Although I'm sure Simply the Best has lovely clothing, it does not meet the needs of a variety of shoppers. Frankly no one clothing store does. The same goes for restaurants (though I enjoy Kosher foods on occasion they do not meet all my dining wants) shoe shopping, activities etc. There is limited variety on Cedar lane. I would love nothing more than to walk down to Cedar Lane on a Friday or Saturday night and have a good glass of wine and an appetizer with my husband. Unfortunately there really isn't any options for that currently.


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