Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Tax Avoidance

'Tax avoidance is probably the single most patriotic American principle,' deputy mayor says.

"I believe very strongly that tax avoidance is probably the single most patriotic American principle. It is the founding principle of our country."

Teaneck Deputy Mayor Adam Gussen on 4/1/2014.
David Sudranski April 24, 2014 at 03:14 PM
Tom, The shortness of your article gives me the impression that you disapprove of Mr. Gussen's statement. I am curious what part of it you disagree with. If the Initial conflict with British rule over the colonies was caused by excessive taxation by the crown (government) wouldn't the comment made by Gussen be accurate? The municipality of Teaneck is taking more than they should be from the citizens. It is patriotic in this country to make sure government does not overstep it's authority.
Tom Abbott April 24, 2014 at 05:33 PM
Gussen's statement stands on it's own. The idea that one can divine disapproval from its length appears disingenuous. If you agree with the statement, there should be no need to defend it.
Tom Abbott April 24, 2014 at 05:37 PM
If you believe that, "The municipality of Teaneck is taking more than they should be from the citizens," can I assume you will not be voting for Gussen or the other incumbents who control the municipal tax rate?
JeffO April 25, 2014 at 11:11 AM
Mr. Sudranski, the American Revolution did come about in part because of taxation -- specifically, taxation without representation. Unfortunately, as a councilman Gussen refused to provide proper representation to his constituents. A general reassessment or revaluation would have brought tax fairness to everyone. Gussen, apparently, didn’t want fairness for everyone. In rejecting any effort at making tax assessments more equitable across the board, he was perfectly happy having thousands of Teaneck taxpayers pick up more than their fair share, while subsequently filing his personal appeal so he could pay less than his fair share. Called on this, he dismissed the criticism as "disingenuous" and "dirty" (without saying how), then quickly pivoted to his own disingenuous, typically arrogant and laughably preposterous boast about how patriotic he is.
Stevie May 01, 2014 at 10:01 AM
Tom: It is obvious from your posts that you are dissatisfied with the size of the Teaneck budget. You are constantly harping on the fact that our taxes continue to rise. As I'm sure you know, the vast majority of this budget goes toward our public school system. Can I assume that you in favor of cutting the school budget?


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