Hi - I'll try to be friendly here to the Teaneck Post Office, but it's going to be difficult.  We travel around a bit.  From time to time, we ask for our mail to be held a re-delivered.  Last time, it wasn't delivered.  My husband went to pick it up and was given some other family's mail.  Two days ago, I was left a notice to sign for a certified mail.  I signed it with my name and address (same as was on the card) and, today, received an envelope for someone on a street in Teaneck that I don't know.  What is wrong with the Teaneck Post Office and the mail sorters/carriers?  We have had so many problems with mail forwarding with Teaneck.  When we forward from another area, we get our mail in a minimum of four days.  If our mail is going through Hackensack, then they have a problem.  Someone should take the blame and solve the problem.  We depend on the post office to follow the dates on our forwarding instructions.  It is the responsibility of the post office and not of our neighbors to have to watch for deliveries that should have been forwarded.  Thank you for letting me blow off steam.
EMA September 14, 2013 at 02:05 PM
I live in a small apartment building in Hackensack and we have trouble with our mail delivery almost daily. The building is on a dead end street and, sometimes, the carrier goes right past our street and doesn't deliver mail. Other times, mail is put in the wrong mailboxes, despite the fact that the apartment number is on each piece of mail. Then there are days when we don't receive our mail until after 5:00 PM. I have called to complain many times, but no one seems to care....does anyone wonder WHY the P.O. Is in so much financial trouble? We had a lovely woman who delivered our mail up to a few months ago -- I really wish they would send her back.
Tom Aiellos September 15, 2013 at 09:40 AM
It is no surprise that when you look into the Mills Corporation you see the Shops at Riverside as one of their properties. The former disgraced police chief and City Attorney of Hackensack were Joe Fierrero's best buddies and their mall made major renovations during Fat Joe's tenure as Big Boss. The city powers got big kickbacks from Mills and the city officials need to be investigated!


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