Tell Patch: What Do You Think About the Storm Response?

Share your views in the comments section below.

What do you think of the Township and PSE&G's response to last weekend's powerful October snowstorm? 

Some have criticized the and the Township. What do you think about the amount of communication? Do you feel the response was well handled or are there areas you want to see changed?

Conflicting information from PSE&G customer service was from Teaneck residents. 

On Sunday, PSE&G said all customers had been restored. However, that good news came as NJ.com reported customers can expect rate hikes due to the storm. Do you think PSE&G should offer credits to customers who lost power? Verizon and Cablevision announced credits are available

What do you think of the response from PSE&G and Teaneck officials? 

Post your thoughts in the comments section.  

Art Vatsky November 07, 2011 at 12:23 PM
There will always be "another storm". We were not well prepared for this one. Considering the age and number of our tree population, our township tree program has been funded at a miserly level for years. Likewise, homeowners need to invest in maintaining their trees. There will still be outages, but fewer. Further, thousands of people - many elderly, weak, or sick - were without power and heat yet there was no word about emergency shelters for residents to go to. This was a gross omission in our emergency planning. That is simply unacceptable. There could have been prior notice so residents were aware where such a shelter would be whenever there is an weather or other event. Finally, the public knows nothing about responding to an incident along the CSX right of way. Enormous quantities of hazardous, flammable or explosive materials pass near our homes almost daily and none of us have any training or information how to respond. How do we evacuate thousands of people quickly with no prior notice? We need to be prepared. We are not.
Louann November 07, 2011 at 12:28 PM
Awfull!!! They did better with Irene and Floyd! I was one of the lucky ones who never lost power, but alot of friends and family weren't so lucky. Some of them didn't get power back until Friday or Saturday! There is NO EXCUSE for the lack of responsibility that our mayor portrayed!!! Was he on vacation and that's his "excuse"?! I drove my daughter's bus route each morning and afternoon starting on Sunday and NOTHING!!!! was ever done! Even on Friday when she went back to school it was still a mess!!! Branches, trees, power lines were STILL all over the streets! You know when I saw a utility truck by Lowell... THURSDAY morning!!! You know when the bus route was "normal"... Saturday! The only town vechicle I saw/heard was the DPW picking up RECYCLABLES!!!!!
MTC November 07, 2011 at 12:43 PM
The town is still a mess. Trees are down all over the place and driving is hazardous as a result. I have not seen a DPW truck either of the two weekends since the storm began. And what will happen now? Will the town "step up" and develop a plan to remove the damaged and dangerous trees that are hanging over power lines waiting for the next storm? They are accidents waiting to happen in any weather.
JamesTS November 07, 2011 at 05:44 PM
One of my biggest problems was the total lack of communications from the Township and PSEG (also horrible customer service). Other towns have online alert systems to email people storm updates. Teaneck does not. In this day and age, everyone has blackberrys IPhones, etc. It makes sense to use online alerts or emails during these emergencies. I checked the township website from a relative's house and found no useful information, I find that The Patch often has better information than what is posted on official websites. I appreciate the media coverage but our town government also has a responsibility to properly informed residents through direct emails and alerts during a storm. Teaneck technology is still in the middle ages. PSEG is another story and theres probably nothing we can do it about. We can however speak up about the town communication technologies.


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