Ambulance Service Sees Busiest Day in Three Decades

Seven potentially life-threatening cases among host of calls Teaneck’s ambulance service handled.

Members of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps rushed to 31 emergency calls Saturday, including seven for potentially life-threatening emergencies in what amounted to one of the agency’s busiest days in more than three decades, an official said.

Calls ranged from traffic accidents to falls and people sick at home, according to Larry Robertson, TVAC’s vice president and public information officer. The slew of calls marked the busiest day for the ambulance service in 36 years, outside of major emergencies at a single location.

“Eleven of the calls were fulfilled by on-duty members responding from TVAC headquarters, 14 were answered by off-duty members responding from home and the remainder caused crews returning from previous calls to be redirected via radio,” Robertson said.

Twenty-three of TVAC’s 98 responding members teamed up to handle the call volume, he added. Robertson said the average response time was six minutes from the time a call was reported to the service and when an ambulance arrived.

In recent years, the all-volunteer service has handled more than 4,000 calls a year, reports show. The ambulance service is .

Calls can range from serious accidents to special deliveries. Members undergo training to become state certified emergency medical technicians.


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