Katz on Re-Election: 'There is More Work to be Done'

Councilman aims to enhance business districts, widen Route 4 and development of Alfred Avenue as goals if re-elected.

Elie Y. Katz (Patch file photo)
Elie Y. Katz (Patch file photo)
To the editor:

Sixteen years, ago as I was walking into the Municipal Building to inquire about my interview for the Teaneck Municipal Alliance Against Substance Abuse, I was approached by Mayor Paul Ostrow who asked if I was interested in running for Council.

At the time, I was already very much involved in the community, serving as first Chairman of the Youth Advisory Board,  as a member of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Trustee for the Teaneck Police Crime Stoppers, in addition to being a local merchant and the youngest member of the Community Relations Advisory Board.

However, although I was interested in helping the community that I loved, I didn't particularly like politics nor was a I fan of most politicians and I was hesitant to accept Mayor Ostrow's invitation.  

Well, sixteen years has passed and it has been my distinct honor to serve the town as Councilman, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. I still feel the same today as I did sixteen years ago when I had that conversation with Mayor Ostrow. I love my town and while still not a fan of politics,  I want to make a difference. My family lives in Teaneck, my business is located in Teaneck, I own property in Teaneck and most of my friends live here too. 

I have spent my Council tenure advocating for increased senior programs, affordable senior housing, senior safety and senior busing. In addition, I have worked towards securing better parking for Teaneck commuters by creating mini commuter lots around town while enhancing our parks and open space and creating two new pocket parks.

During my tenure I have helped stimulate the economy, bringing in millions of new dollars in revenue and creating a better quality of life for our residents, all while raising the level of communication between Town Council and residents via community events and safety forums and and my personal e-mail list that sent and received over 200,000 e-mails.

I have established relationships with all town community organizations and houses of worship. When I drive around town, I take great pride in the improvements made in town during my time on the Council including an all new inclusive playground and sportsplex, a dog park, the Bernie Brooks walking path, town park upgrades, new street signs and hundreds of newly paved roads.

In addition, we now have upgrades to emergency services, a new cell tower, plus a hotel occupancy tax and sewer ordinance which have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line and allowed Teaneck to maintain a AAA bond rating.

I am gratified to have taken part in initiatives such as saving the African American and Native American burial ground, the website enhancement, the hire of a Human Resource Director and improving the work environment for town employees while creating opportunities to lower expenses and create a healthier economic outlook for Teaneck.  

So why am I running again? Simply put, there is more work to be done. I want to streamline the building department process, help enhance business districts, work on the plan to widen Route 4, find a responsible development for Alfred Avenue that could bring in millions more in ratables and continue to be responsive to our 39,000 residents.

I can't do this alone. I need your help and I need your support. Please be a part of progress in Teaneck by getting involved in my campaign. 

To volunteer your time and/or make a financial contribution please e-mail me at: katz07666@gmail.com, Friend me on Facebook: Elie Y. Katz or call me on my cell (201)715-5179.
Enough Already April 18, 2014 at 06:06 PM
i don't understand what his motives are. the "local boy does good" act worked a decade ago, but why is he so desperate to win a fourth (fifth?) term when most residents want him gone? ego?
shimon baum April 24, 2014 at 07:24 AM
Katz should be happy he has a thriving business in Teaneck. Isn't that enough for him? Also love the headline stating there is more work to be done. What work was done before?
John Santaella April 24, 2014 at 10:05 AM
Maybe he meant 'unfinished work' left to be done.
JeffO April 24, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Now that this comment thread as come alive again, I'm a bit curious as to how Elie intends to "work on the plan to widen Route 4." What, by sabotaging the two bridges the Department of Transportation says are "still in relatively good shape?" Until those bridges are replaced (work on another bridge that needs it will start in another year or two), the road won't be widened. And I don't see that happening in the next four years and quite possibly the next eight or more. Given the state's underfunded highway budget, there are many other deteriorating bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure around NJ more pressingly in need of attention for safety reasons.
PM April 25, 2014 at 01:29 PM
This is my favorite part of the drivel: "To volunteer your time and/or make a financial contribution..."


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