Mob-Defying Ex-Mayor: Christie Should No Longer Be in Office

Burt Ross, who helped the FBI apprehend corrupt developers in the 1970s, said the governor is now 'not presidential quality.'

A former Teaneck resident and Fort Lee mayor known for turning down a mob bribe in the 1970s said Gov. Chris Christie is no longer an appropriate presidential candidate and shouldn't even be in Trenton following the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Burt Ross was North Jersey's youngest mayor at age 31 when he rejected a $500,000 bribe and then helped the FBI apprehend corrupt developers who were trying to construct a controversial high-rise near the GWB in 1974.

Ross, 70, now lives in California but said he's been closely following the GWB scandal and has a different perception of Christie, someone he was once "fond of," according to the Jewish Standard.

"Not only do I think he is not presidential quality, I don’t even think he deserves to be governor," Ross told the publication.

"I think that he and his administration appear to be morally challenged."

David Fuks January 27, 2014 at 10:23 AM
It seems that Burt Ross, the Patch (digging up any one that will speak out against the best governor NJ ever had) and the Democrats who do not believe in letting the legal process take its course and are ready to "hang" the governor. Remember Patch, accusing people of practicing witchcraft and burning them at the stake is no longer in vogue. Even our jails have innocent people incarcerated with our less than perfect court system. Burt Ross's opinion and the Patch printing it in the headlines is a disgrace to our law based society. How about waiting and convicting a person based on real facts and not opinions carried in headlines which make it look bad for a person that was not even charged yet with anything. The Patch - shame on you for promoting negative opinions and not facts. Don't carry opinions in your headlines. Report facts in the headlines.
Pam Foti January 27, 2014 at 07:36 PM
Burt misses his 15 minutes of fame.
shimon baum January 29, 2014 at 05:02 PM
Old guy in California has an opnion. Film at 11.


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