Overpeck Park Bridge Project Held Up By Funding Issue

A court recently ruled that the county must maintain the proposed bridge if Ridgefield Park cannot.


A plan to build a bridge over the New Jersey Turnpike to connect Ridgefield Park and Overpeck County Park has been delayed for years by various funding disagreements, according to a report on NorthJersey.com.

Ridgefield Park donated the 206 acres for Overpeck Park to Bergen County in the 1950s and a court found in 2002 that the county would fund the estimated $4.5-6 million to build the 470-foot-long pedestrian bridge, according to the report. The Ridgefield Park government would maintain the bridge under the agreement.

The Turnpike Authority blocked the project for two more years because they did not want to be stuck maintaining the bridge if Ridgefield Park wasn't able to, according to the report. They agreed to allow the project if the county would take the responsibility of maintaining the bridge if Ridgefield Park failed to.

County officials refused to agree to maintain the bridge, and Ridgefield Park sought a court order to make them, in the event that the village could not according to the report. Last October, a judge found in favor of the county, and also denied a request from Ridgefield Park to return the donated land.

Officals have begun examining alternative plans, according to the report. Some of the ideas include moving the proposed bridge next to an existing bridge at Challenger Road, or providing bus service between Overpeck Park and Ridgefield Park.


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