Report: Net Property Tax Increase Much Higher Under Christie Than Corzine

Christie rebate cuts cause 22.4 percent increase in net property taxes that hits those making under $150,000

Net property taxes in New Jersey rose 22.4 percent in Gov. Chris Christie's first three years in office, compared to just 6 percent in Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine's last three years in office, a New Jersey Spotlight analysis shows.

Christie, who has made attacks on “Corzine Democrats” a centerpiece of his reelection campaign, has been touting his record of holding down overall property tax increases. But when Christie’s rebate reductions are factored in, his property tax record is not so clear-cut.

While Corzine doubled average property tax rebates from 2006 to 2009 and provided rebates to families earning as much as $250,000, Christie sharply cut the size of rebate payments and limited eligibility for non-seniors to those earning $75,000 or less.

As a result, average net property taxes -- the actual cost of property taxes for the average New Jerseyan after rebates are deducted -- rose from $6,244 in 2009, Corzine's last year in office, to $7,645 in 2012, Christie's third year in office, state Department of Community Affairs data shows.

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