Resident Hopes for Incumbent Sweep in May Election

Incumbents 'strongly support programs that benefit our most important residents—our youth,' resident says.

To the editor:

I strongly support all 4 incumbents for their reelection to the Teaneck Council. I hope the recent lawsuit ploy filed by Jason Castle and Alan Sohn wakes up all my neighbors in every corner of our great town and I further hope that our incumbents have a clean sweep in the May 2014 election.

Mr. Sohn and Mr. Castle are known to whine about all the costs taxpayers must bear. Yet, perhaps they do not understand this is one large legal bill as a taxpayer I am angry to have to cover and I will remember for a long time this pre-election tactic chosen by them.

Furthermore, by just examining who was listed in said lawsuit individually, the lawsuit is an effort to divide our township into sub-communities. Candidates have multiple ways to get their messages out - debates, ads, walk the business districts, editorials and letters to local papers, etc., but this lawsuit is a new low and further depletes municipal resources needlessly.

The incumbents have focused on all of Teaneck’s residents in a cooperative, non-confrontational manner and strongly support programs that benefit our most important residents – our youth.

Very upset with such divisive actions and I will gladly vote for all four incumbents and I publicly urge all of Teaneck’s residents who wish to keep Teaneck as a warm, friendly, diverse, but close knit community, to similarly do so.
Jason Flynn, Teaneck
Stevie May 01, 2014 at 08:38 AM
Jeff: If Castle was really interested in the truth, why didn't he name the ENTIRE council in his lawsuit? Are some people more equal than others?
JeffO May 02, 2014 at 11:44 AM
Monday-morning quarterbacking, I think that may have been a wiser course to take, if for no other reason than it would have deprived critics of that overblown line of attack. That said, given that the 5 members of the council majority have been known spring things on the other two, I think it's clear that they are unequal partners in what goes on "behind closed doors" or in private email chains and chats that may well be illegal under our sunshine laws.
JeffO May 02, 2014 at 11:44 AM
I also think the five were also "more equal" in the eyes of the Christie campaign and their efforts to "turn" alleged Democrats. While Mohammed Hameeduddin denies that he was ever approached by Christie's campaign aides, he was #1 on a list of Democratic Mayors the campaign wanted to target. And it's certainly hard to think that Adam Gussen, a self-decribed "blue dog Democrat (i.e., a Republican in Democratic clothing) wasn't approached.
JeffO May 02, 2014 at 12:05 PM
Also certainly, the five councilmen were "more equal" in the eyes of Joe Ferriero. Gussen and Hammeeduddin were running mates with Elnatan Rudolph, Ferriero's #1 boy in Teaneck , and both benefited from heavy support for their campaigns by the Ferriero machine. (In 2008, the Ferriero-supported slate was promoted as "The Katz Team.") Also, Elie Katz was mayor when the town hired Ferriero's pay-to-play firm Birdsall, as well as the website developer who, according to a new indictment of Ferriero, allegedly paid him kickbacks for bringing in business with several municipalities, including Teaneck. Yitz Stern obviously made a deal with Ferriero to get his job back at the Bergen County Police and Fire Academy after he was fired when Ferriero's puppet Dennis McNerney became county executive. And Stern, Schwartz and Gussen were all active the Ferriero-inspired campaign to take over the Teaneck Democratic Committee. They called themselves "Real Teaneck Democrats" a deceitful name designed to sow confusion with the "Real Bergen Democrats," which fought against Ferriero.
JeffO May 02, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Bottom line, the assertion that those listed in the OPRA requests somehow proves an "effort to divide our township into subcommunities" is not supported by the facts and commits the very offense it purports to denounce. And while Mr. Flynn has not come on here to either defend or disown his statement, I note that he has effectively disowned it in a re-worked letter that appeared this week in The Suburbanite, wherein the offending sentence has been removed. And that's a good thing (though I still don't agree with the letter).


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