Tax Appeals Expected to Hit Record High in Bergen County

Teaneck council's push to have schools and counties share the tax appeal burden meets opposition.

Bergen County's tax official expects to process around 15,000 tax appeals this year, a record-setting number, according to a report on northjersey.com. 

to cover a slew of property tax appeals. The township is set to make its case for borrowing before the Local Finance Board next week. 

The council also passed a resolution calling the tax appeals an "inequitable burden" and seeking to have the school district and county pitch in to cover their slice of the $2.2 million in appeals. The council's move backs pending legislation that would share the payments with schools and county government. 

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, however, has said the town should be responsible for the refunds. In an editorial published Wednesday, the Record sided with Weinberg. 

"Why require school districts to contribute to paying rebates when they have nothing at all to do with assessing property?" the editorial states. "There's no reason for a bill that cuts costs for one governmental body while it increases them by the same amount for others. If tax assessments are done fairly, there won't be as many successful appeals. That doesn't take legislation, just common sense."

Teaneck residents have criticized the township for not conducting a revaluation or reassessment since the housing market peaked in 2006 and questioned why the tax appeal burden wasn't mentioned at several public hearings. 


What do you think? Should schools and the county share the tax appeal burden with municipal governments? 

shimon baum April 03, 2013 at 06:25 PM
Record high? Gee wonder why that is?
Art Vatsky April 03, 2013 at 10:22 PM
I think the record shows that "common sense" is not that common in Teaneck. We have inherited a series of municipal mistakes and, instead of repairing them, we have "kicked the can" down the road, year after year. These tax appeals is yet another example. I have lost my patience with the Council because of their continuing missteps. Plowing snow and removing fallen trees is just not enough. That is expected as are proper handing of tax appeals without borrowing millions, keeping the town hall open during normal business hours or allowing NJDOT to install free bus shelters in the Cedar Lane Streetscape, or providing a garage to repair our million dollar fire and other trucks. We have to stop thinking that our Council has common sense. If it had we wouldn't be in these situations.


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