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I am an ordained non-denominational Christian minister since 1992, serving all races, faiths or lifestyles with a compassionate understanding for everyone's individual circumstances. While I was born, raised and still live in northern New Jersey, I officiate Wedding Ceremonies & Civil Unions in all of New Jersey, the Hudson Valley and am also registered in NYC.
My Ministry Reverend Joseph Anthony Ministries™ has this simple philosophy:  "Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Arms™ " I strongly believe all people should be received and celebrated as God's children and recognize that while many have a strong belief in God or a deep spiritual awareness, they may not belong to any official religion. Some may have even been turned away or even turned off by their own church. The depth of our character and what we did or did not do for our fellow human beings  will be the standard by which we are judged.  http://www.ReverendJoseph.org        Refusing to take a salary from any church, I am a licensed NJ Real Estate Agent completing my dream of having couples not only living happily ever after but in a home of their dreams!  http://www.realliving.com/Joseph.Ianiro          
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